Echo Decoy Limit
A solo exhibition by Everything Is Collective:
Aaron Hegert, Jason Lukas, Zachary Norman,
Curated by Christina Wiles

Exhibition Dates: January 9 – February 14, 2015
Opening Reception: January 9, 7:00 – 10:00pm
Artist Talk & Conversation: Saturday, January 23, 6:30-8:00pm
Please join us for an artist talk and conversation between Everything is Collective and Bay Area artist Josh Smith, moderated by Christina Wiles. Yummy food and drink will be served.

Echo Decoy Limit showcases photographs and installations by Everything Is Collective (E.I.C.), the collaborative project of Los Angeles and Chicago-based artists Aaron Hegert, Jason Lukas, and Zachary Norman.

With its Deliberate Operations series, E.I.C. explores two defining features of contemporary image culture: iteration and collaboration. First, Hegert, Lukas, and Norman work individually, making photographs based on a set of agreed-upon criteria to guide their image-making. Then they share their photographs with each other and produce hundreds of subsequent prints inspired by the first set of images. Working both in isolation and in conversation with each other, their ideas evolve and emerge over time, across various locations, and among multiple authors.

The resulting photographs look like they could be scientific documents: illustrations from a physics textbook or evidence from an archaeological dig. But further inspection reveals a closer allegiance to the uncanny and the magical. This clash between empiricism and mysticism creates a web of peculiar visual clues, but instead of providing answers, the photographs leave us with an exhilarating sense of wonder.

The exhibition at Royal NoneSuch Gallery emphasizes E.I.C.’s working process. The show includes framed exhibition prints as well as an installation of E.I.C.’s massive self-generated archive, which consists of alternative versions of the prints that are hanging on the wall. With dozens of variations of images on view together, we experience the playful process of a group for whom everything is collective.

Artist Bio:
Based in Los Angeles and Chicago, Everything Is Collective (E.I.C.) is an ongoing collaboration between three artists: Aaron Hegert, Jason Lukas, and Zachary Norman. Since 2013 the group has worked together on numerous exhibitions, publications, and web-based projects, all of which address contemporary issues in photography and image culture. Their practice is truly collaborative, and all the works they create are attributed to the group as a whole. E.I.C. has exhibited their work around the world including exhibitions at Filter Space in Chicago, Next Art Gallery in Sweden, and the Urban Arts Space at Ohio State University. Their most recent publication Deliberate Operations #3 [Full Empty] has been shortlisted for the Anamorphosis Prize and added to the collection of the MoMA Library.

Curator Bio:
Based in Oakland, Christina Wiles was a founding editor of Once Magazine and she is currently a curatorial assistant in photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


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