Pop Up Narrative

Thursday, July 28, 2016, 6:00 - 9:00pm

As part of her Royal Production Company residency,  Amber Cady will host Pop Up Narrative, a special event in conjunction with Worry & The Animals. At the event, participants will explore narrative structure and affective communication by co-creating short form fiction for film through experimental and performative actions.

Beer and snacks provided.

Amber Cady's project Worry & The Animals will center on our deepest worries and fears––rejection, isolation, dependence––the kinds that keep us up at night or preoccupies our attention during the day. Often paralyzing, these fears prevent us from experiencing the world and ourselves as we would like. Worry & The Animals aims to explore these narratives, fraught with complex and painful feelings. Through interviews, workshops, and activities, participants will unpack the challenges, characters, and themes at the core of their anxiety, ultimately transforming their stories into triumphant narratives that lay fear and shame to rest.