Sip, Sculpt, Slurp: a Stone Soup–inspired soirée 

With Kat Geng and Iso Rabins

Friday, February 9, 2018, 7–9 pm 


When: Friday, February 9, 7–9 pm
Where: Royal NoneSuch Gallery's new location at 300 Jefferson Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Tickets: Tickets are free, but please reserve your spot on Eventbrite!

PLEASE BRING: found objects, a soup ingredient foraged from your fridge or farm, and YOUR OWN BOWL

In a blend of the visual and culinary arts, artist Kat Geng and co-founder of Forage Kitchen, Iso Rabins, will each prepare a mouth-watering soup in collaboration with guests. Geng will create a sculptural readymade broth and Rabins will build an edible savory stock. Artist Robin Birdd will provide sous chef assistance of the sculptural variety. Guests are invited to participate or observe the process and enjoy the end results! Geng and Rabins will be in the gallery from 7–9 pm and guests are invited to come and go as you please throughout the night, coming for all or part of the evening. Please join us for a nourishing and creative evening of shared meal-making!

Additional ingredients for a signature soup have been foraged from the following local artists: 
Robin Birdd
Michelle Brandemuehl
Mary Button Durell
T.W. Five
Sarah Hotchkiss
Jon Levy-Warren
Chris Martin
Sofie Ramos
Yarrow Slaps

This event takes place in conjunction with Kat Geng’s solo exhibition, Lost in The Found, on view at Royal Nonesuch Gallery January 13th through February 25th.