The Speed of Disembodiment by Kathleen Quillian

Thursday, October 6, 2016, 7:00 – 9:00pm

Using a combination of visual media (16mm film, 35mm slides, video), The Speed of Disembodiment examines how advances in technology,  developed during the Industrial Revolution,  changed our understanding of time, space, and nature.  In looking at the roots of our industrialized culture, Kathleen Quillian explores how our connection to the cosmos became subsumed by a blind commitment to progress and profit. Resultantly, we witness the birth of cinema as a product of the very same enterprising pursuits.

Artist Bio
Kathleen Quillian is an Oakland-based artist who works in a range of moving and non-moving media. She has exhibited in venues and festivals internationally including International Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco International Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Animasivo, REDCAT, the Exploratorium and the San Jose Museum of Art among others. She has served on the boards of directors of San Francisco Cinematheque and Artists’ Television Access. She is currently a co-director of Shapeshifters Cinema, a monthly expanded cinema series that she co-founded with Gilbert Guerrero in 2012. Her work is made in the pursuit of understanding our collective and individual attempts to manifest, manipulate or otherwise connect with the unknown. She is preoccupied with metaphysical cultural practices and how they relate to the creative process and our relationship to the divine.