Royal NoneSuch Gallery Presents WHIZ CONFLUXX // July 6-August 25

For two months Royal NoneSuch Gallery will transform into an evolving studio, event space, and exhibition platform for the collaborative network and publication, WHIZ WORLD.

During WHIZ CONFLUXX the gallery will be activated in three distinct phases: WHIRKSPACE, CONFLUXX CLIMAXX, and AFTERGLOW DELTA.

A night of WHIZ ELABORATION will kick off the WHIZ WORLD residency on Tuesday, July 9, 7-10pm. RSVP here. Using the Pecha Kucha format of 6 minute and 40 second presentations, each WHIZ is invited to share their work-play (i.e. what they do and what they love) with the public. Together we will learn about the talents that course through the veins of this community. Videos of this length from whizzes in remote places may also be shared.


PHASE ONE: WHIRKSPACE: A temporary studio and performance space that is evolving and open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4pm, July 6-August 2. Visitors to the gallery might encounter: whizzes making whiz garb in which they will wrap themselves with materials that facilitate the oozing of their true whiz selves; the creation of drawings around unlearning history; a series of body centering and somatic meditations that explore how we inhabit our internal and external landscapes; or a performance in which performer/participants explore how we orient ourselves to landscape and to each other, objects, and memories

PHASE TWO: CONFLUXX CLIMAXX: Friday August 2, 7-10pm. A celebration and reception for the exhibition AFTERGLOW DELTA, which presents the work created by WHIZ WORLD and the public during WHIRKSPACE. An interactive choreography around the Great Basin will be built in the gallery and performed.  

PHASE THREE: AFTERGLOW DELTA EXHIBITION: On view August 3-25. Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm


EXPERIMENTAL VOYAGE: SUNDAY JULY 7, 1:30-4PM: RSVP HERE Join Wind of the Whizzes and Snake Oil for an experimental voyage exploring how plants can guide and reveal somatic experience. Positioning our bodies in ancient human and other than human forms we will witness the movement of our internalized emotions. With plants as our allies we will explore the intersections of embodied experience, ancient wisdom/magick and the occupation of patriarchy and colonialism in the patterns and shapes the body holds / has held. We are making this work together - we are transmuting patriarchy together - we are changing the world together - we are exploring our nonhuman somatic connections together to create a guide. This guide will morph to the form of a publication that will be available at the opening

SOMATIC MEDITATION: SUNDAY JULY 14, 2:30-4PM: RSVP HERE Join Wind of the Whizzes for a guided somatic meditation that will call us into our bodies to notice the shapes and movements we make in relation to the shapes and movements of the land we are on, deepening connection to the internal and external landscapes we move through. Calling in support from the land and more than human allies we will notice together the wisdom of the other than human world and perhaps learn some tactics for resilience in the face of misogyny, the patriarchy and capitalist notions of internalized scarcity. The meditation will be recorded and available throughout the exhibition.


ABOUT WHIZ WORLD: WHIZ WORLD is a quarterly publication, collaborative network, and evolving art machine. It highlights the lived experiences of women and non-binary artists with two driving principles: each whiz is an expert in their lived experience, and play creates imaginative solutions to grave conflicts. Whiz World writes from a speculative magical feminist perspective, uses allegory and magical language to scrutinize the current political climate, and combats pervasive misogyny. Whiz World invites contributors to adopt and write from a whiz persona that encapsulates their essential power. They practice a reverence for ecological entanglements and the bodily experience.

ABOUT WHIZ WORLD at the gallery: During the studio phase WHIRKSPACE, local and traveling whizzes will work with the ideas of ECOLOGIES and UNLEARNING. The artists will respond to these ideas using their personal and collective work-play through writing, drawings, video, performance, and collective movement, and the construction of the Great Basin. Thinking about the dizzying spell that occurs when oscillating between the extremes of fires and floods, scarcity and wealth in fatal excess, WHIZ CONFLUXX is exploring and dissecting the relationships and environments (both human and non-human)  that comprise, feed, and starve our esse.

The studio phase leads to the August 2 opening event: the CONFLUXX/CLIMAXX. The convivial choreography of  the event will be an activation of the Great Basin, where fluids are exchanges and imbibed. Finally, the Great Basin and other by-products from the collaborative work-play of the whiz occupation of Royal NoneSuch Gallery will remain in the gallery as AFTERGLOW DELTA for visitors to experience throughout the remaining weeks of the exhibition.


Queen Whiz is an environmental awareness specialist and shapeshifter. She has the gift to beckon forth an army of WHIZZES no matter where she’s at. BEWARE [you may be beckoned]! When she creeks in your presence!

Ghost Whiz is a southwestern whiz in origin now curiously orbiting the Realm of the Unknowing. She dwells in the urban forest sanctuary of Peterson Ranch among its thriving ecosystem of lizard and thistle.

Furtips is an east coast whiz who has expertly adapted to the many microclimates of northern California. She wears a beard of redwood boughs and dwells amongst our vegetal allies, with her silver furred canine always nearby.

In addition, we hope to be joined by Wind of the Whizzes, Picto Gramma, Snakeoil, Primiteat, Wize Whiz, SCOOP, Sigrun Von Whiz, and other whizzes during the journey that is WHIZ CONFLUXX.

Whiz World is founded and edited by Bay Realm Whizzes, Annie Albagli and Alex Arzt, and Los Angeles realm whiz Gabbi Ncube