Working On It: Artist Talk and Open Forum

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 2:00 - 4:00pm

The Royal NoneSuch Gallery would like to invite you to an Artist Talk and Open Forum featuring Working On It: Part Two artists Indira Martina Morre and Farley Gwazda.

Working On It is a two part exchange exhibition; Part One, featuring Royal NoneSuch Co-Directors Elizabeth Bernstein and Carey Lin and Loop Arts Director Adam Thorman, is currently open at Martina }{ Johnston, the house gallery co-directed by Morre and Gwazda.

Working On It: Part Two aims to address questions about whether the contemporary paradigm of art practice is sustainable, both in the sense of artists’ practical struggles to sustain their work through a precarious economic existence, and whether the current model, where artists are expected to function as their own critics, curators, promoters, and patrons, leaves space for a thoughtful, productive, critical practice. Morre and Gwazda have created artworks to address these questions (rather than, say, critical texts) because the works function as a series of open questions and a forum for debate. This is the forum to which you have been invited.
Indira Martina Morre asked the other participating artists to share their “to do” lists, calendars, reminders, and hand-written or computer documents. She traced these private documents in overlapping layers on gessoed panel to create configurations that function both as a record of a dizzying schedule of social engagements and the most personal data portraits.

Farley Gwazda presents two projects; 'Processing Structures' is an interactive installation consisting of a series of desks and frames in which viewers copy images of the work of the other participating artists. 'Critical Reducer' displays computer-generated strings of words from a corpus consisting of announcements, artist statements, and critical responses to exhibitions at Royal NoneSuch and Martina }{ Johnston.

A version of “Critical Reducer” can now be seen online: