Veronica Mars and iZombie in the Age of Zombie Formalism
Presented by Nick Wylie

Thursday, November 10, 2016, 7:00 - 9:30pm


TV Club: Veronica Mars and iZombie in the Age of Zombie Formalism, Presented by Nick Wylie

TV Club is back for one more installment before we close out 2016! Join Royal NoneSuch Gallery and Nick Wylie, Associate Director of Southern Exposure, in a guiltily pleasurable viewing, in a hall of mirrored narratives, as vanquished forms shuffle back to the fore.

Uncannily similar in its casting and plot devices, Veronica Mars (2004-2007, with revival film in 2014) and iZombie (2014-present) are cultishly followed shows about brilliant women solving crimes. In each show, our doppelgänger heroes expertly bring criminal masterminds to justice in an overarching, season-long story arc while they right smaller mysterious wrongs each episode. Each woman has an earnest best friend, a long term love interest with a dark side, and a tenuous relationship with corrupt authorities. Veronica Mars tackles class, race, homophobia, and homework in her teenage years, while Liv Moore (iZombie) gets to the bottom of crimes using the memories and abilities granted to her by the brains she eats from the police coroner's office where she works. 

Refreshments: Brainfood Shakes & Revival Old Fashioneds

About TV Club:
We regularly gather at the gallery to watch an episode from a beloved TV show. Each episode has been hand picked by an amateur expert who will give a talk about the series and discuss why it’s worthy of their obsession. Snacks inspired by the TV show are also provided.